Eric Chapdelaine
Student at Northeastern University Studying Computer Science.

How I Take Notes
31 Mar 2021
A while ago I read a great piece by Gilles Castel on how to take notes using $\LaTeX$ and Vim. The resulting notes are stunning. Everything from mathematical formulae to figures are created real-time by Castel. I knew I wanted...
Rampant Media: A Threat to Our Unity
13 Jan 2021
Our world is becoming significantly more polarized and the media is to blame. People like seeing media that agrees with their views and, with the growth of media in the past 40 years, there is now so much that people...
Comparing the Class of 2020 and 2021 with Machine Learning and Reddit
10 Apr 2021
Introduction The college application process is stressful. Any student knows that it will be overwhelming even in the best of cases. On top of that, the many students that graduated high school in the past two years had another stressor...