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ENGW1111 First Year Writing

Lecture 1 - How You Get Your News (9-10-20)


Not necessarily a negative to writing. Although bias can be seen as a negative, it also shapes the argument at hand

News Relevance

People are more interested in the news that is relevant to them

MLA Handbook

What should you ask

Group Discussion

What counts as a text? A difficult text? What is the relationship between the author and the reader in those texts, based on your experiences? Share an example ‘difficult text’ with the group, and then as a group try and speculate what the relationship between reader and author for one of those texts.

Group 4:


Notes from Full Class:

Octavia Butler

Born: June 22, 1947 in Pasadena California

Death: Febuary 24, 2006 (58 years old)

College: Pasadena City College

Publications (with dates):

Science Fiction/Fantasy

N.K. Jemisin

Born: Sept 19, 1972 Iowa City, Iowa

Death: Still alive

College: Tulane University (B.S. in psychology) University of Maryland (M.S. in Education)

Publications (with dates):

Science Fiction/Fiction

Cultural Appropiation

When you portray a certain culture from a white-washed perspective

What to do for next class:

How do we manage difficult texts?

Lecture 4 - Preparing for Haraway (9-17-20)

Peer Review

Peer reviewed homework assignments are given through Canvas, do NOT reply on people’s posts.

Difficult Texts

What stratigies have been useful while reading difficult texts:

Reading a Manifesto


Manifesto: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer (MW Dictionary, 2017)

Paradimn: How someone views the world.

Hierarchy: Social system with the power on top

Patriarchy: Social system dominated by men

Feminism: A theory political, social, economic equality of the sexes

Hegemony: the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group.

Ontological: metaphysical speculation on the nature and relation of being, or existence.

Epistemology: the study or a theory of the nature and ground of knowledge especially with reference to limits and validly.

Biological determinist: also known sometimes as gene determinism. The idea that an individual’s actions are directly dictated by genetic makeup.

Primary Questions: What is nature? How is that different from Nature? What is the relationship between human and nature? What do we mean when we say human nature? What counts as natural? Unnatural?

Lecture 5 - Introduction to Haraway (9-23-20)

Responding to Haraway and Lorde

HW: When cpomparing pieces, have them from different authors

Group Discussions - The idea of Cyborgs

Often times, texts highlight the anxiety and hope of any given event going on in society.

Group 1 - Cyborgs in Fiction/Cyborgs in real life

Group 2 - Haraway’s thoughts on human reproduction and technology’s influence

Group 3 - Machines and the labor force

Group 4 - Influencial Women of the 20th Century

Lorde and Haraway

Where we left off during Lecture 5 - Introduction to Haraway (9-23-20)

Group 4:

Lorde and Haraway



Short Story Breakout Rooms

I read “Elevator Dancer” and “Harrison Bergeron”

Group 3 - “Elevator Dancer”

Group 4 - Butler’s “Bloodchild” and Jeminisn “The One’s Who Stayed”

HW: Connect one of the short stories to Haraway for the long journal entry

Looking forward:

Our next unit is profiles

Profile Project

HW: Read profiles from CTW

Profiles: Published vs Private

NOT as biography

A biography is:

What is a profile:


In the public sphere



How are these different across platforms? Who is your reader?

Lecture 8 - Analyzing Profiles (9-30-20)

HW: Bring in draft of outline (ask yourself what is the impression?)

Moving towards the profile assignment

Breakout Rooms on Spesific Profiles

Group 1 - Artist

Group 2 - Pollution (Pictures/Words)

Group 3 - Interview

Can’t just do an interview for this assignment

Group 4 - Arkansas Boys

Think about what you are going to the profile assignment on?


Profiles should lead the reader to the conclusion that they should care about your subject. Why should the reader care?

Dominant Impression



Opening the Profile

There are a few different ways to open the profile depending on your subject:

What is the occasion to talk about this subject? Aka, why now? Has something happened recently (anniversary of something happening) to prompt a timely discussion of your subject?


A basic definition or contextual background to introduce the group to your reader, who might be completely unfamiliar with the subject. [still try and make this dramatic]


A representative image of this community (crowd of members). Describe the picture in detail as if your reader can not see the image. What is important in this image and why? What small details should the reader notice as important?


A dramatic scene that represents the subject’s dominate impression, or essential characteristics.

First Draft (for Peer Review) of the Essay due October 5th

Homework notes:

Make sure all submitted assignments (that aren’t discussion posts) are submitted as a word doc. (*.doc or *.docx).

Structure of the Profile



Breakout Rooms

~ 15-20 minutes per person to read and discuss their piece

To get all of the comments into one document, use the ‘combine’ feature in Microsoft Word.

Office Hours


Make sure Zoom is updated for next class

What We’re Doing Today

Breakout Rooms



Today: MLA Formtting

Log in - Loading Session Information

Recall: you can get more information in the material section of week 2-3 in Canvas.


Professor uses TurnItIn (orginality report)

If you are citing a source, try to get as close to the primary source as possible.


MLA Cared how you found certain information.

How to Use MLA

Make sure the header is also in Times New Roman 12pt font


How to Cite Images

Footnotes (Try not to use them)

In-Text Citation

No class on Monday

Lecture 13 - Final Profile Draft (10-14-20)

1st Page Formatting


In Paragraph Features



Before You Turn In

Cultural Drift in Population Entertainment Franchises and Genres

Breakout Rooms: Our Experience with Movies and TV Shows

Group 4


For Monday


Built research into franchise unit

Conflict Types

Response to What Franchise Do You Know

Read through the titles and abstracts of articles you have found with your search. Create a reply post to your original discussion post for today. Have you found any criticism, critique, news, historical context, or other information about that franchise? Now that you have read the essay assignment prompt, do you think that the franchise you already know will work with this assignment? Why or why not?

Homework for Wednesday:

Breakout Rooms

Star Trek as a Franchise

Quiz on Star Trek

Star Trek

Comparison Chart



Other themes were Ethics, Conflict, Gender, and Race.


Comparing Two Movies/TV Shows

Star Trek Comparison



Research in a College Level Class

Examples of Good Work:


What to do if you didn’t get a good grade on either assignment:

Make sure to balance each film in the comparison

From here:

Draft is now due on Sunday night


Drafts of Compare and Contrast Essay



Changes to the Schedule:



Discussion on Review Unit

Choice of Subject

Breakout Rooms: Discuss What We Picked

Breakout Rooms: Answer Questions on Chapter


The Difference between Greta Van Fleet’s Review and Guy Fieri’s Restaurant Review:

Guy Fieri’s Restaurant

Greta Van Fleet

Outline for Review

Example: I am going to write about Tim Minchin’s new album Apart Together. Apart Together is an example of a singer songwriter album. Another example of a singer songwriter and R&B is Awaken, my Love by Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).

For Tomorrow


Peer Review

Breakout Rooms: Peer Review

Next draft due on Monday

When we com back from Thanksgiving, comments will be available.

Final assignment: E-portfolio


Second peer review for the Review document

How to do the second peer review:

Look test

Content test

Instructor Review


General Comments for Draft III of Review

Draft of the E-Portfolio


Thoughts on E-Portfolio